Pairing entrepreneurs with top talent (M/F)

We are located in Waregem, with offices in Ghent and Brussels. The strong entrepreneurial spirit in Flanders results in intelligent and dynamic companies of exceptional international repute.

Our client-entrepreneurs have a need for ambitious legal and financial advisors who are motivated to help them to continually grow and thrive thanks to their proximity, a swift response and specialized expertise.

We are always looking for young, bright starters, as well as for attorneys who have already acquired relevant expertise. We feel that it is a combination of new ideas and a longstanding experience that allows us to deliver the high-quality service that our clients expect.

We regularly have opportunities for lawyers, as well as for support staff. Both have a crucial role in completing a file successfully.


We deliver the best; we hire the best

De Langhe Attorneys are constantly looking for talented professionals to strengthen their team. We aim to raise the bar:

  • You are keen to practise law from an entrepreneurial perspective
  • You aim to transcend the law and think in terms of risk and solutions
  • You strive for excellence – good is not good enough
  • You are prepared to dig deep into legal issues
  • You share your knowledge and you value teamwork above all
  • You have excellent people skills and have the ability to join the dots
  • You are resilient and able to handle challenging situations 
An attractive package

We offer a total project and a long-term career:

  • High-end work for top-tier companies
  • Top-of-market fixed remuneration & market-compliant benefits
  • Performance-based variable remuneration
  • Transparent career paths
  • Potential for growth as a function of development and performance
  • Coaching and skills training
  • Personal development and external visibility



“No advice without Excel”

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“Believing in people”

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“Not having to travel to Brussels for interesting cases

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