32 y.o.

Specialized fields
Corporate and M&A

No advice without Excel

Why did you join De Langhe Attorneys?

What convinced me is that De Langhe Attorneys is a young practice where you can help to build the firm’s vision and future.
For me the location is just perfect. Waregem-Ghent saves me a lot of travelling time.

What makes De Langhe Attorneys so special?

What is unique about De Langhe Attorneys is that we also go through the numbers with the entrepreneurs. After all, it’s numbers that keep entrepreneurs awake at night, not legal matters. Company valuations, balance sheet analysis, EBIT, EBITDA, etc. When you manage a takeover, those concepts are just as important as the legal aspects. Not all attorneys love numbers, but we work with Excel spreadsheets on a daily basis. We have not yet built up a huge reputation. That can be a stumbling block at times, but it can also work in our favour. Ultimately,  our knowledge and our approach will build our reputation.

We all work closely together as a team. When we close a deal, we break out the champagne.

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