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Guarantees and sureties… small print, big consequences

Despite the fact that interest rates have plummeted in recent years, it is still not easy to obtain financing for your business. In the event that your company cannot provide any mortgage or pledge in the form of real estate or substantial claims, it is possible that the bank will ask you, as shareholder/business manager, to provide a surety for the obligations of your company.

4 March 2019

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Renovation of the Belgian property co-ownership law

On 1 January 2019, a certain number of new rules regarding the Belgian legislation on apartment co-ownership came into force. The so-called Apartment Act has been modified for the 4th time since its introduction in 1924. The most recent revision mainly focuses on relaxing the existing regulations so that renovations can be carried out more efficiently and in order to resolve disagreements between the co-owners. An overview of the “foundations” for the new legislation

28 January 2019

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