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Donations via foreign notary also taxed: “Cheese route” loophole closed

Until now, registration of donation deeds of movable property drawn up before foreign notaries was optional in Belgium. In the context of succession planning, a Dutch notary was therefore often called upon to organise a donation (the “cheese route”). In this case, no registration fees are due. However, a draft bill of law was recently submitted in which this registration will be mandatory in Belgium, with all the associated tax consequences.

14 October 2020

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Preferential regime for transfer / inheritance of family businesses: positive news for real estate participations

Family businesses and shares of family businesses can be transferred or inherited at an advantageous rate in the registration and inheritance tax. In the Flemish Region this rate is 0% for gifts, and 3% or 7% for inheritances. One of the conditions applicable to companies regards the exercise of a genuine economic activity. Even though the Flemish tax authority (VLABEL) interprets them strictly, a recent decision somehow nuances this in the interest of companies with important real estate participations.

2 June 2020

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