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Book 5, your new travel guide through the contractual landscape

On 1 January 2023, the new contract law came into force. Although it mainly confirms or rephrases existing principles, it also introduces some novelties. In this article, we give a foretaste of the most relevant topics related to the conclusion, performance and termination of contracts.

17 February 2023

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Cassation gives the tax authorities ammunition regarding the 6% issue on renovations

Certain works in immovable property, such as renovations, can be invoiced at a reduced VAT rate of 6% instead of the general VAT rate of 21% for new or thoroughly renovated constructions. On several occasions in the past, discussions have flared up concerning the boundary between a new construction and a renovation. Recently, the Court of Cassation ruled unambiguously on this distinction. This time, the Court applied a stricter interpretation.

27 January 2023

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The conflict of interest procedure: more than a mere formality

When a conflict of interest is imminent between the company and one or more of its directors, a statutory procedure must be complied with for the limited liability companies (“NV” and “BV”), and the cooperative company (“CV”). In practice, however, this often gives rise to an array of questions. Is there really a conflict of interest? Who is authorized to take the decision? Hereinafter we provide some brief answers to those questions.

23 January 2023

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