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The Legal 500: Tax Country Comparative Guide

De Langhe attorneys was the exclusive contributor/expert for the Belgian tax chapter within the 5th edition of The Legal 500: Tax Country Comparative Guide.  Click here to view our chapter. The guide is visible to the 2.9 million unique visitors to the Legal 500 website every year made up of Corporate Counsel, GC’s and Senior Executives. The readership use the guide […]

1 March 2021

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Assessment of one year Code of Companies and Associations

The most important changes of 2020

The Belgian Code of Companies and Associations (BCCA) entered into force on 1 May 2019 for newly incorporated companies and on 1 January 2020 for existing – and therefore all – companies. At the turn of the year, De Langhe Attorneys took stock of one year of BCCA with a brief overview of the most important changes since its entry into force.

24 February 2021

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Company reorganisation: one year accounting retroactivity also possible for tax purposes

Setting the date on which transactions or other activities take effect for accounting purposes is an important aspect of company restructuring. This is the date on which the transactions of the acquired company are allocated to the acquiring company for accounting purposes. Under certain conditions, this date may also be retroactive, i.e. before the date of the restructuring. Since the introduction of the Belgian Companies and Associations Code (hereinafter CAC), this retroactivity may even extend up to one year. In the meantime, more and more voices are also urging acceptance of such a period for tax matters.

22 February 2021

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