37 y.o.

Specialized fields
Commercial and contract law

Not having to travel to Brussels for interesting cases

Why did you join De Langhe Attorneys?

The quality of the clientele and the competitive remuneration.

I made a very conscious decision not to travel to the capital, Brussels, every day. You don’t need to make the long and stressful journey there in order to handle complex and technically challenging case files. There are plenty of these, much closer to home. Both Waregem and Ghent are one of the busiest economic corridors in the country.

What makes De Langhe Attorneys so special?

They give you a lot of freedom and independence. Anyone who is willing to take responsibility here at the office can do so. At this firm, you can use all your skills. You are not cornered.

We may not work for multinationals, but we do work for some very ambitious and dynamic Belgian SMEs. These clients are present in our office everyday or we at theirs.

We work as a team and share a vast pool of knowledge.

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