25 y.o.

Specialized fields
Tax law and asset planning

Believing in people

Why did you join De Langhe Attorneys?

The firm has made some very clear choices. They know their strengths and their specialisms. I firmly believe that I will be able to develop my career in depth.

When I was first interviewed for the position, the interviewers were very open-minded and direct. The firm believes in talented people. I felt that the firm was prepared to invest in me, and wanted to give me a chance. It was up to me to take advantage of the opportunity when it was offered to me.

What makes De Langhe Attorneys so special?

Everyone’s input is appreciated. On my first day at the office, I was asked for my opinion in a meeting. The partners strongly belief in our talent. There is no need to compete at work because we all complement each other. That is our strength.

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