Project coordination

Business transactions can often be highly complex. Bringing together various competencies and disciplines is therefore crucial. We offer the right combination of competencies and disciplines and call upon specialist expertise when necessary.

Transaction partners

Transactions involve many aspects, and the legal/financial dimension is just one of them. Over the years, we have built up a reliable network of business partners we can call upon if our client so wishes. We have excellent relationships with:

  • Accountants
  • Statutory auditors
  • Auditors
  • Corporate finance consultancy agencies
  • Corporate communication agencies
  • Lenders (mezzanine providers, senior debt providers, equity providers)

Legal partners abroad

Transactions often have an international dimension. We can call upon our international networks to find just the right specialist. Our networks cover, for example, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Spain and the USA.

Legal partners in Belgium

If the transaction demands it, we can call upon the services of other top legal specialists. We are responsible for ensuring the right selection and correct usage. We offer this additional expertise in the following legal fields:

  • Employment law and social law
  • Intellectual property/ICT
  • Environmental law
  • Administrative law and licensing
  • Privacy
  • Criminal law

Our core business

Besides coordinating mergers, takeovers, restructurings… we take care of all the legal aspects of:

  • Corporate and M&A 
  • Tax
  • Transaction structure and credit financing
  • Governance
  • Contracts and other legal documents 
  • Due diligence
  • Optimizing valuations
  • Negotiation and follow-up with purchasers/vendors/banks/accountants and auditors

How does that benefit the entrepreneur?

Saves time

We take care of the project coordination.


On the core business and the core duties.

One, single point of contact

We handle all internal communications.

Saves money

Only calling on the necessary specialists, no unnecessary expenditure.

Customer-tailored solutions

The expertise you require, specifically geared to your industry, company size, national or international perspective, etc.