7 December 2017

De Langhe Attorneys supports SOS Children’s Villages and Somival during Music for Life “De Warmste Week”!

Warmste Week music for life

On Monday 18 December, De Langhe Attorneys will work one hour in favour of the Belgian projects of SOS Children’s Villages and Somival!

“Studio Brussel”, a Belgian national radio station organises also this year “De Warmste Week”, a fundraising event initiated as Music for Life where a song is played for every euro donated. With great pleasure we will also contribute our share during the Work 1 hour for life campaign.

What does Work 1 hour for life mean?

“Work 1 Hour for Life” is a campaign where attorneys donate 1 hour worth of working in favour of SOS Children’s Villages and Somival.

Frank De Langhe and his team of attorneys are happy to support this great initiative!

At De Langhe Attorneys, Monday 18 December, 1 hour of work will be marked by the Music for Life event. The value of 1 hour’s salary times the number of attorneys will be transferred to both SOS Children’s Villages and Somival.


Somival Work 1 hour for life

SOMIVAL (Dutch abbreviation for Sport and Leisure for disabled people) is a sports club that offers sport and leisure activities to people with a disability or reduced mobility. The club welcomes all people with all types of disabilities such as: physical disability, visual impairment, hearing impairment, mental disability.

With a home base in Waregem, SOMIVAL offers activities mainly in the sports centre “De Treffer” in Waregem.  Examples amongst others are horse riding, wheelchair hockey in the Bloso- sportscentre in Wetteren.

Because one movie is worth a 1000 words… watch the movie here or via the Somival website.

Belgian projects SOS-Children’s Villages

SOS Kinderdorpen Music for life Work 1hour for life

SOS Children’s Villages offers a home and a future to children in a vulnerable situation, abroad in 134 countries and also in Belgium for more than 45 years.

With this campaign we are happy to support the SOS Belgian projects such as Simbahuis, Hejmo and the SOS Children Village Chantevent.

Because every child needs love to grow.

Work 1 hour for life


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