28 March 2018

De Langhe Attorney’s assists with the incorporation of the network company Belgian Meat Partners and the acquisition of group Derwa

Boosted by Euro Meat Group located in Mouscron, five independent business partners from the meat industry (pork and beef) have joined forces within the newly incorporated network company Belgian Meat Partners. Together with Groep De Brauwer (Group Danis, The Duke of Berkshire®), Piron Gotta, Q-Food and Sobemax, the network company’s aim consists in further focussing on a sustainable and ethical Belgian meat business.

This ambition has been immediately expressed with the take-over of the group around Firme Derwa and La Vieille Abbaye located in Liège (Belgium). Group Derwa is well established in Wallonia. The network company’s challenge is to execute a turnover of group Derwa and to create an entrepreneurship that reflects the values and professionalism of the partners’ individual businesses. The search for this new élan has been initiated with a name change, “Viande De Liège”.

Our law firm assisted Euro Meat Group, as well as the other partners, with the incorporation of the network company and drafting of the related and relevant agreements. The negotiations for the take-over of group Derwa and the legal framework have also been guided by our law firm.

About Viande De Liège (former Firme Derwa):

The core business of the company is mainly focussed on the cutting of carcases, as well as the trading of pork and beef.

About La Vieille Abbaye:

The core business of the company is mainly focussed on the production of processed meats and other over-the-counter meat preparations.

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