7 June 2018

De Langhe Attorneys assists the family Carrette with the transfer of Westlease

After an era that almost spans half a century, the family Carrette has decided to hand over Westlease, the Belgian leasing company for small and medium sized companies, to Van Mossel Automotive Group, a prominent Dutch player on the leasing market with transnational ambitions. The collaboration between both companies shall undoubtedly strengthen their position on the Belgian market.

Thanks to the constructive negotiations and the full cooperation between both parties, the takeover could be accomplished in the beginning of June 2018. De Langhe Attorney assisted the family Carrette during the whole process (including structuring the deal). 

About Westlease

Westlease is a leasing company that specialises in the long term leasing of vehicles to small and medium sized companies, and currently operates a fleet of more than 5 000 cars. The company is primarily active in Kortrijk, Namen and its surrounding area, but has also expanded its activities to France and Luxembourg.

 More recently, Westlease moved its (registered) seat to the brand new business centre in Deerlijk.

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