30 November 2018

The right-hand man of entrepreneurs

Legal, tax and financial. The extensive team of specialists at De Langhe Attorneys guarantees a comprehensive approach to complex cases. “Our interwoven expertise definitely offers added value in the acquisition and disposal of companies,” says Sara Burm, head of the Corporate and M&A department.

With three offices and an equal number of departments, De Langhe Attorneys wants to assist entrepreneurs in all aspects of their business operations. For ad hoc transactions or problems, as well as day-to-day business. “With this, we distinguish ourselves from other business lawyers”, says founder Frank De Langhe. “We transcend the purely legal and are a true sparring partner, who follows and steers the entire process.”


The law firm focuses on three practice groups. You can contact them for tax matters for both initiating and advising on corporate income tax, inheritance planning, questions about VAT,… In the area of commercial law, experts draw up all kinds of commercial contracts. And, last but not least, there is the Corporate and M&A department, which deals with mergers and acquisitions, and generally with all aspects of company law.

Sara Burm leads the M&A department. “The right guidance makes a world of difference. In addition to negotiating the terms and conditions of a sale and purchase of a company, and writing the relevant contracts, we are actively involved in the valuations of a company and aim to monitor the so-called hidden cash (such as the working capital, …). De Langhe Attorneys guides entrepreneurs through all the steps in the acquisition process and offers a complete package, from start to finish (including the financing and deal structure). From the screening of companies to the final punctuation check in complex contracts and the closing of the deal. Thanks to economic growth, there have been many takeovers lately: Corporate and M&A is fully occupied.


Each file is handled by a team of lawyers who are experts in the area. “Because every situation is different,” explains Sara Burm, “the client has one point of contact, but different experts work together on the file. Our teams are not strictly defined; there is consultation with other departments, for certain aspects. “Because everything flows together, there is more synergy. A clear added value for the client.” This broad approach of specific cases not only has advantages for the entrepreneurs.
It is also a great asset for the lawyers, Frank De Langhe believes. “Anyone who comes to work here will receive extra training in the workplace. Those who specialize in drafting contracts understand the impact of every word on, for example, the valuation of a company. And can anticipate this in his or her turn.”


Of course, entrepreneurs will consult De Langhe Attorneys with concrete questions and problems, but proactive cooperation is just as important. “In this respect, we differ from other lawyers in our sector. We regularly sit together with clients to think about the future. Both in the short and long term. How about succession planning, for example? What steps can we take today so that we can reap the benefits later? This is how we arrive at well-founded strategic decisions, tested in the various domains. Without any surprises afterwards”.
“A proactive collaboration leads to well-founded strategic decisions, without any surprises afterwards”.

Text: Stephanie Demasure

Published in Business Vlaanderen, edition 4, 2018

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