6 December 2018

The right-hand man of Belgian entrepreneurs

By combining the best of a local law firm with the strengths of a top-tier company, De Langhe Attorneys is a trustworthy partner for many businesses presently in the Flemish market, or planning to enter. From their new office in Brussels, they work across the Belgian borders, specialising in international tax law.

In its 18-year existence, De Langhe Attorneys has developed into a substantial national law firm with branches in East- and West-Flanders and Brussels. “Our firm was founded in Waregem, West-Flanders,” partner Sara Burm explains. “Last year, we’ve spread our wings and opened a second office in Ghent, targeting the businesses of East-Flanders as well.”

In September this year, a third branch opened its doors in Brussels, with seasoned attorney Werner Heyvaert at the helm of the international tax law team. “This is quite a niche within business law,” Heyvaert states. “Therefore, it is necessary to operate from the capital. That’s where the clients in this field are. That’s where we need to be.”

The combined strength of all three practice groups makes De Langhe Attorneys an ideal legal partner for small, medium-sized and privately owned, large companies. “We specialise in corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, financial aspects of transactions, tax law, commercial law and contract law,” Burm sums up. “With different generations, specialisations and levels of experiences under one roof, we can offer affordable, personalised assistance, surpassing the borders of legal domains.” And even if they do not have the perfect specialist for your case in their midst, someone from their broad network of national and international contacts can join the ranks to provide a tailor-made service.

To top it off, De Langhe Attorneys offers free seminars for its clients as well. “We like sharing our expertise with them,” Heyvaert says. “During an hour-and-a-half lunch session, we explain to you the essentials of a relevant topic. This can be a general issue, such as insolvency, or a more complex and technical subject for a specific audience. These compact updates prove to have very positive effects. Not only for the know-how of the participants, but also for the transparent collaboration between us and them.”

“We want to be the right-hand man of our clients,” Burm summarises. “We guide and advise them every step of the way, striving towards the best result. Not just legally, but in an operational and financial context as well.”

Text: Arne Adriaenssens

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